Incomprehensible Loss



It’s taken more than a couple of days to reflect on the tragic events last Friday in Newtown CT.

The talking heads on T.V. have been going non stop, and there has been much to discuss.

In the end, the families of those killed, along with our entire country, are left with an incomprehensible loss.

In conversations I had over the weekend, we kept coming back to a sense that we’ve lost our belief in the dignity of every human person.  So many are only interested in themselves, holding no regard for others.

At the same time, however, others are also doing everything they can, even giving their lives, just as the six women in Newtown did, so that the most vulnerable among us might be given a chance at life.

Just as many others have said, it’s time to take a deep and serious look at what kind of country we are becoming.  But for now, it’s a time for prayer, especially for those families who have lost loved ones.  May they all rest in peace.






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