If it seems like a long time since my last post, you’d be right.  I’ve been super busy for the last several weeks, with lots of stress, travel, and change.  Thus is life in 2018, right?  Well, maybe not the travel… In the midst of it all, the days have been getting longer (grateful), the winter is fading fast (grateful) and the snowdrops and crocus are already blooming in my backyard (grateful).

The Holy Season of Lent began, as it always does, with Ash Wednesday.  Sadly, Ash Wednesday 2018 will always be remembered by the school shooting in Florida.  So many innocents lost, so much grief and sorrow.  As the tragic details get played out in the public square, we realize that there is much to be done.  My former pastor always reminded his congregation that prayer changes things.  Yes, the world needs prayer, now more than ever.  So as this penitential season of Lent will give way to Holy Week and Easter, we wait.  Prayerfully, we wait on the Lord, trusting that He is with us in the midst of it all, shepherding us ever deeper into the mystery of life.