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Saying Yes

Last night, I went to a big celebration at my church honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe.  This feast day comes from the Mexican culture, and over the years, I try to make at least one of the events surrounding December 12th.

One of the things I love most about this day is the joy that is so evident on many in the Hispanic culture.  

Even though the majority of those in my church last night are plagued with low paying jobs, immigration issues, language barriers, etc., more than a few have great trust in God’s love for them.

Last night was all about Mary’s “yes” to God.  Her total trust in His plan for her set the stage for the miracle of Christmas.  In the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mary is pregnant, a sure sign that her “yes” would forever change her life.  Little did she know…

Friends, each day we too are called to give our “yes” to God.  We are called to trust Him more and more, so we can be a better witness to others about the joy that comes from knowing the Lord.

Sometime today, pause for a moment and thank God for all that He’s given to you, and make a commitment to begin each day with an affirmation that you will strive to live a life worthy of the name Christian.







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