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Remember to Forgive

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reminded several times about the importance of forgiveness.

Too often we either refuse to forgive someone for a wrong done to us, or we fail to forgive ourselves for our own mistakes.  We might also feel too uncomfortable to admit our faults and seek the forgiveness of someone else.  Maybe even God?

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Ignatian Spirituality Project

Anyone who reads this blog know’s that the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola has been a big influence on my life.

Over three years ago, I took many of the principles and began applying them to my life, especially in the area of health.

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Quick Rice Pudding

While at the Kickstart Intensive Conference I attended last weekend, I tried this delicious rice pudding.

I’m generally not drawn to desserts, but everyone was raving about it, so I decided to try it.  Let me just say there wasn’t any left when I was done.  The chef who prepared it mentioned that making this dessert is a great way to use up leftover rice.  Hope you’ll give it a try 🙂

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Change Is In The Air

The temperature here in my neck of the woods is supposed to drop below freezing for the first time this fall, and this change marks the beginning of a series of changes leading to winter.

If you pay attention, you can sense that things are different.  Subtle at first, before we know it everything will be different.  

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A Diabetic Plan That Works

At the Kickstart Intensive conference I attended over the weekend, one of the first things that was requested of all attendees is that they get some biometric measurements.

Biometrics provides a numerical snapshot of a person’s health, and I joined the line to get my blood pressure, glucose level, weight and cholesterol checked.   Before they even started, I knew that my numbers had been creeping up lately.

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Low Fat Creamy Carrot Soup

I just got back from a weekend conference called Kickstart Intensive.  Put on by Dr. Neal Barnard, the goal was to help the 125 people from all over the world “Lose Weight.  Get Healthy. Test Drive A Vegan Diet.”

I was really happy that I attended the event, and I brought back tons of helpful information that I hope to pass on to you over the next few weeks.  For now, I trust you’ll be satisfied with this recipe for the carrot soup we had for lunch today.  I know I just posted a similar recipe in the past couple of weeks, but I actually like this one a little better.  🙂 Give it a try.  

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Getting Things Together

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your bearings and have the sense that you’re not where you want/need to be?

I’m busier than ever, with lots of great things going on in my life, but lately I’ve been neglecting my diet and exercise schedule, and my body is telling me that it’s time to pay attention.

Just the other day, a kid in my neighborhood who belongs to my church mentioned “I haven’t been seeing you out walking lately.”  Guilty as charged.

The thing that struck me is that I realized how long it’s been.  So long in fact, that people have noticed.  Ouch.