You must not fool yourself- and you are the easiest person to fool.

Richard Feynman

This past Tuesday, I asked my classroom assistant to give me some feedback on my teaching.  You may remember that I have a class of 15 fourth graders, and Tuesday was our first session.  Marta emailed me back and had only positive things to say 🙂  I appreciated the feedback, but there were several things I did that, to me, didn’t work so well. Maybe, since she doesn’t know me that well, she was a little apprehensive about bringing them up.

In order for feedback to be successful, it has to be the truth.  It can’t just be what the person thinks you want to hear.  They have to be comfortable enough with you to speak the truth (in love).  That’s not always easy, but oh so important.

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Perspective Makes A Difference

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on my posting Change Your Perspective I put up last week.  A lot of people have said that the story about the conversation between a pastor and parishioner really resonated with them.  If you missed it, just click above.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly our attitude can change from bad to good by simply seeing things in a different way?  As I wrote in that posting, our circumstances may not change, but our perspective can.  I was speaking to a young man tonight who really liked this message.  He talked about his own circumstances, which can sometimes be overwhelming.  

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Fourth Grade

We’re looking at a new textbook series at work,  and I decided that, if we were to switch, it might be a good idea for me to get back into the classroom and try it out myself.  So, this year I’m going to teach a 4th grade class.  Today was our first session, and I’m whooped.  I forgot how much energy kids this age have.  Trust me, it’s a lot 🙂

That being said, they are fun to be around, and me and my assistant can’t wait till next week.  I know I’m going to be a bit more prepared.  Anyone who works with this age group knows you can never have enough activities to satisfy them.  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to being with them this year.  I know I’ll learn as much as them.

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Be Happy

Most people are just about as happy as they decide to be.

– Abe Lincoln

It seems like I’ve been talking to an awful lot of unhappy people recently. Young and old, working and unemployed, healthy and ill, it sounds like everyone’s in the same boat.

As a co-worker pointed out to me today, it’s almost a shock to your system when you encounter someone who is upbeat, positive, and well, happy.  Folks, it’s not supposed to be like this.

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Bean Soup

I was shopping at Trader Joe’s several weeks ago, and I picked up  a bag of 17 Bean & Barley Soup Mix.  I was on a mission to begin stocking my pantry for the fall/winter, and I really wanted to move away from canned beans, which are loaded with sodium.

You’ll remember from earlier posts that beans are one of the most healthy and economical things you can eat.  Just 1/4 cup of this mix contains 52% of your daily fiber requirement.  For vegetarians, beans are also a wonderful and much-needed source of protein.  I know beans are not the most popular thing to eat, and some people are down right afraid of them.

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Setting Goals

The other day, someone sent me an email asking how I get so much accomplished.  If they could only see my office 🙂

Well, that question got me thinking.  Now that summer is over, my busy time is set to begin.  And this year, in addition to my usual responsibilities, I’ve added a bunch more, including this blog.

I had no idea there would be as many people as there are reading my postings each day.  Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement.  Of course, this just makes me want to get better and better with it, and this will take a lot of time and effort.

Then I have the Faith Fighting Diabetes initiative that will be starting next month.  I know there will be a lot of good that will come from this, and it’s only just beginning.  I’m very excited about the wonderful encouragement I’ve received from many people who want to team up with me and bring this to my community.  Please say some prayer for it’s success!

My list could go on and on, just as I’m sure yours could as well.  So, all this got me thinking. How can I be more effective, more efficient, and more energized?  Today, I think I found the answer.

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Balance Is The Key

Last night a group at my church began the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  You can learn more about this great spiritual tool by hitting the St. Ignatius tab to the right.

Listening to Nancy, our facilitator, I was reminded of my own first encounter with the Exercises. During this first session, we talk a lot about balance.  In fact, balance is one of the key factors in Ignatian Spirituality.


Thinking Ahead

something is going on with WordPress. I can’t post my picture of tulips from my garden. You’ll have to use your imagination 🙂

I can’t fault my mother.  She purchased her spring bulbs last week, and too early for her region, planted the bulbs with the help of my brother.  Hopefully, next spring she will bask in the beauty that is hard to see in those little shriveled up nuggets.

I started receiving bulb catalogs in the mail at the end of August.  If you’re a gardener like my mom and me, these catalogs immediately transport you right through fall and winter.  Turn the pages and move directly to spring.  Well, it’s nice to dream a bit, isn’t it?

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New Beginnings

We had a meet and greet with our new pastor this morning.  I can already tell he’s going to fit in very well at our parish.  Everyone on the staff had the chance to introduce themselves, tell him a bit about what he/she does every day, and then he had the chance to ask questions. Overall, I thought was great.  Then he told us a bit about himself and began building a vision for the future.  It marked a new beginning for our parish.  It was exciting.

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Change Your Perspective

I thought you might like this drawing by M C Escher.  Sometimes, you can’t change our situation right away.  Maybe you feel stuck in a job, but you are hesitant to find another because of the economy.  It could be that you have some health issues that took years to develop, and will now take time, effort and lifestyle changes to resolve.  Sometimes it helps to step back and change your perspective on things.  Here’s a little story to illustrate the point.