2020 Check In

About six weeks ago, many of us, including me, began thinking about changes we wanted to make in the New Year.  Maybe you thought that you wanted to change your diet, get more exercise, save more money, get more prayer time in, be a kinder person, stop watching the news, etc., etc., etc..  Always with the best of intentions, we kick off these resolutions January 1st (or maybe we wait till the 2nd), and boldly begin.  Then, a day or week later, life seems to get in the way for some of us (statistics say it’s not some, but most), and all that boldness falls away. If you’ve been able to stick with it and have met with success, congratulations!  Well done!  Keep going!  If you haven’t stuck with those resolutions, its time to get back on track.  All is not lost!

As I talk with people, it sounds like implementing their New Year resolutions have met with some roadblocks and they have struggled, if not given up.  If this is  you, it’s time to review your goals, pray about them, talk them over with a friend, keep those goals or set some new ones, but get back on track before February is over.  That gives you more than two weeks for your reset.

One of my goals this year was to do a better job at consistently posting on this blog.  Well, its not hard to see that this is my first 2020 post, so I’m taking my own advice to get going.  As far as diet and exercise, I’ve given myself till the end of February to get back on track.  We have more than ten months left in this New Year.  That’s more than enough time to end up right where we wanted to be on December 31st.

Let’s pray for each other, that we follow the Lord’s lead and boldly move forward in faith, trusting that God has a 2020 plan for us, and it is very good.