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Do You Trust This Much?


Last Sunday night, I was glued to my t.v. screen, a rare occurrence for me.

Nik Wallenda was walking a tightrope across the Little Colorado River Gorge.  Maybe you saw it too.

The media had been building it up for weeks.  When the day came, I would have thought he would have been beyond nervous.  I was surprised at his calmness.  He didn’t seem worried or concerned at all as he began his 22 minute walk, 1,500 feet in the air.  No net.  That’s right, he did it without a net below him.  A gust of wind, a misstep, and he would have been a goner.

There were several things that struck me as he walked across.  First, he seemed fearless.  Where did that come from?  Maybe the answer could be found in his almost non stop prayer, asking God to help him make it to the other side.

As I sat there after he was safely off the tightrope, I got to thinking.  Why is it that most of us are so fearful, rather than fearless?  What’s in Nik that he could have done such an amazing feat?  Why did the idea that I could never do anything like that keep flashing over and over again in my mind?

Now, I’m not saying that I have any desire to become a tightrope walker, but I could be a bit more fearless and trusting in my day-to-day living. Maybe it’s the same for you.

Without a doubt, Nik trusted that God was going to help him get to the other side.  He’d been given gifts, talents, and ability to do what he did.  It just didn’t happen overnight.  He worked on it, prayed about it, and worked on it some more.  He certainly didn’t go into his trip across the gorge without preparations.

I know the next time I have to do something big, something extraordinary, or maybe confront a tough issue, I’m not going to go blindly into it.  I’m going to pray about it, develop a plan, and pray about it some more.  I might seek out good counsel, someone to guide me and help me see things that I may have missed.

When the time is right to go forward, I’ll be able to do it with confidence and trust, knowing, like Nik, that I covered all my bases, and move ahead with God’s constant help and protection.

I talked to a lot of my friends last week about Nik’s feat, and universally, we all felt like we needed to be more bold and confident in our daily lives.  What issue could I possibly have that would be more of a challenge than crossing a 1,500 deep gorge on a tightrope?

Friends, we can overcome just about anything in life if we take the proper preparations.  What’s out there for you?  Is it time to boldly move ahead in confidence?  I somehow think it is.

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