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Anyone who reads this blog know’s that the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola has been a big influence on my life.

Over three years ago, I took many of the principles and began applying them to my life, especially in the area of health.

Since I began working on a doctorate this past spring, I’ve been learning about new and creative ways people are using principles of this spirituality as a means of healing and transformation.

This past week I got the chance to hear about the Ignatian Spirituality Project.  Begun in 1998, the goal of this group is to reach out to marginalized populations and give them a retreat experience using the 500-year-old Exercises of St. Ignatius.  Their target audience are those who are either homeless or in transitional housing environments.

These retreats are given in a dozen cities stretching from Boston to San Francisco.  Their’s is an amazing story, and I was really impressed at how people are being aided in their recovery.

I thought I’d share this with you with the hope that you’d click one of the links above and learn a bit more about St. Ignatius and how his spirituality continues to influence 21st century people throughout the world.  I feel confident saying that I’m sure Ignatius would be proud of the work that the Ignatian Spirituality Project is doing. Say a prayer for them and the wonderful work they are doing 🙂



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