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The Second Beatitude

The other day, I shared a little commentary on the beatitudes. This my second installment. The beatitudes are  found in Matthew’s Gospel (Mt. 5:3-12), and are meant not just for the chosen few, but everyone.  The passage begins with the words, “when he saw the crowds…”  Maybe today we would call it a message for the masses.

Who of us can remember how many beatitudes there are, and who has forgotten their meaning?  Take some time in the next few days and pray over this passage.  What is God saying to us through these words meant not just for ancient times, but also for today?

The image above is of one of the many tapestries found in the Cathedral of Los Angeles.

Once again the commentary comes from Grace in Every Season by Catherine Doherty,

An old priest died.  Among his papers was found an ordinary card on which was written, “Every time I look at me, I seem to see only me.  Please, Lord, kick me out of me, so that you may find some room for you in me.”  The people sorting his papers remarked that these few sentences summed up the whole life of this gentle man.  He had permitted the Lord to take full possession of him.  He had become selfless.

Selflessness!  That is the key word for the restoration of the world to Christ.  It is part of that new kingdom which he gives us himself in a few simple words: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the land.”

This second beatitude is closely related to the first, for while to be poor in spirit is a passive state, it also means to be full of Christ.  And to be full of Christ means also to be active, working with him, by him, for him.  Therefore this second beatitude opens a large field to us.  Nothing less than the whole world to win for Christ!  And it is the meek, the gentle, the kind who are going to do it.  But we cannot be any of these things until we are selfless, for how can we be kind to others until we have put selfishness away?  Let us, then, begin today with this eviction of self so as to make room for Christ.

Have a blessed and relaxing Sunday, which is the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary.

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