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Be Cautious

As I was first beginning makingallthingsnew, I spent a lot of time checking out the blogs which focused on diabetes.  There’s one blog that had been around a long time, and I went through all his old posts looking to see how we addressed the various aspects of this disease.

I liked most of what I read, but I was surprised at all the pharmaceutical ads on the site.  Then, in one of his posts, I learned that there had been a big diabetes blogger convention (who would have thought the pool was large enough to have a convention?) down in Florida.  The blogger mentioned how wonderful it had been to participate in this all expense paid gathering.  If you’re wondering who paid the expenses, it was a major pharmaceutical company.  Big surprise.

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The Full Plate Diet

Looking for one more gift for someone special?  Someone you really care about?  Consider picking them up a copy of The Full Plate Diet.

This New York Times bestseller isn’t pushing some fad diet.  Instead, it’s about getting back to basics. The whole premise is that we can lose weight and feel better by eating more fiber.

The authors cite several major studies which show those who eat a diet rich in fiber can reduce the risk of developing cancer by 30-40%, help diabetics keep their blood sugars under control, and lower the risk of heart attack and strokes by up to 40%.

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Holiday Balancing Act

Now that the holiday season is officially here, I asked my friend Todd Burrier to do another guest blog. For those with health issues like diabetes which require them to exercise regularly and closely watch what they eat, this time of year can present problems.

The weather is getting colder, so it becomes harder to get consistent exercise.  We go to lots of social events where tables are loaded down with all the things that we aren’t supposed to eat.  Even so, we can survive and even thrive during this special season when we recall the miracle of Christ’s birth.

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The Amen Solution

Happy Monday 🙂  A friend of mine sent me an email today, and what it was about was so consistent with what I’m trying to do through this blog, I thought I’d pass it on to you.  The blog post she emailed me was written by Dr. Daniel Amen, a well-known doctor specializing in brain health.

My friend told me about him several weeks ago, and I checked out a couple of his books from the library. I’m hoping to write a review on one of them in the next few weeks.  Because his blog posting below is somewhat long, I won’t write too much more.  Please send comments on what you think about what Dr. Amen wrote.  Here’s the post:

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Great Fall Tastes

We’re  all looking to improve our health and well being (at least I hope you are) 🙂 I came upon this list the other day, and thought it would be good to share it with you.  Everything on the list is pretty easy to find, especially in these days leading up to Thanksgiving.
Over the last year or so, I’ve developed an appreciation of beets, one of the items on the list.  When I was a kid, I remember my mom eating beets.  They tasted like dirt to me, and I avoided them with a passion. Last fall, I was in a restaurant in Baltimore, and there was a roasted beet salad  on the menu.  I tried it and was really impressed with what roasting can do to the flavor of this simple and nutritious ingredient.

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Dreamfields Pasta

I’ve written about Dreamfields Pasta in the past, but during this second week of Diabetes Awareness Month, I wanted to mention them again.  This is a fantastic product for anyone watching their carbohydrate intact, whether they are diabetic or not.  You’ll have some terrific health benefits, and I promise that you won’t detect any difference in quality, texture, or taste 🙂

When I first met with a diabetic educator almost two years ago, she basically told me that I wouldn’t be able to eat pasta again, unless it was a very, very small portion.  Ouch.  Of all the foods I would miss on my new diet, I would put pasta ahead of meat.

I learned about Dreamfields from an ad in one of my mother’s diabetes magazines.  I jumped onto their website and was impressed with what I read.  Dreamfields was a great addition to a diabetes diet 🙂 🙂  The reason for this is because of the way the produce their pasta.  You can find the specific details on their website, but for now let me just say that a serving of Dreamfields pasta has only FIVE carbs and is 65% lower gylcemic index than traditional pasta.

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Nutritional Supplements and Diabetes

I’m blessed to have some great friends who have helped me in my efforts to reverse diabetes.  This past Saturday, Jeff was my first guest blogger, and he wrote about the importance of physical exercise.  Today, my friend Todd Burrier will be blogging on how nutritional supplements can support/improve glucose levels and our overall health.

This Tuesday night (November 9th) at 9:15pm Eastern Todd will be presenting a webinar/conference call about Diabetes. This will be a comprehensive overview.  Todd will share information on a wide range of relevant topics that are all focused on living a longer healthier life whether someone is currently diabetic or pre-diabetic.

While this information will also be relevant for type-1, the majority of the focus will be on reducing risks and reducing severity of type-2 (90% of all diabetes) as well as avoiding completely for pre-diabetic people (20% of the adult population!).

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve asked some friends to write something for my blog.  I think it makes sense to hear someone else’s voice from time to time, and I hope you’ll appreciate it too.  Today, I’m really happy to have a young friend of mine share his thoughts on exercise.  Jeff studied sports medicine in college, and now works in the physical therapy field, helping people get themselves in better shape every day.  I’ve known Jeff since he was a teenager.  He’s getting married next month, and I’m glad he’s going to stay in our area.  I hope you take to heart what this great young man of faith wants to share with you.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. – Psalm 139:14

The human body. It can heal and strengthen with a specific and disciplined exercise program. It is so intricate and so awesomely beautiful that it is hard to not see the miracle that is within it; within my body, within your body. Just as your walk with Christ can be renewed and strengthened continuously, your body has the ability to heal and strengthen with the right direction and motivation.

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Another Chance

Over the last three days, I’ve been participating in a daily blogging program for American Diabetes Month.  Today is Wordless Wednesday, and we were asked to post an image that best represents my biggest help in managing diabetes.  This sunrise (and all the others) is it for me.

To me, the fact that I can have a fresh start every day is my biggest encouragement.  It doesn’t matter how things went yesterday, when the sun comes up, we’re all given a second chance.  Whatever your issues may be, every day is a new day to turn things around, to celebrate yesterday’s wins, to reconcile with someone, to encourage a friend.  What would it be for you?

Take advantage of this gift, not just today, but every day.  Watch what happens in your life and in the lives of those around you.

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American Diabetes Month

That’s right, a whole month dedicated to Diabetes Awareness.  Did you know that by the end of today, 4,300 people in the United States will be diagnosed with diabetes?  As I wrote about last week, the USA Today reported on 10/22/10 that the number of diabetes cases in the US will double, and perhaps triple by 2050.  As many as one in three will have the disease!

On Friday, I picked up a great book at the library entitled Diabetes Rising, written by Dan Hurley. Although I’m still reading the book, so far Hurley has done a masterful job at tracing the history of this disease, once very rare, now, sadly, very common.

The first written reference of diabetes comes from an Egyptian medical text known as the Ebers Papyrus,written in the year 1536 B.C.  Diabetes cases remained rare until the 1920’s, when doctors began to notice an alarming rise of this chronic illness.  Without a doubt, those doctors back then could have never predicted the levels that presently exist.