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Carbs Gone Wild- How To Tame Stress Eating

I had the chance to attend a wellness seminar last night led by Dr. Laura Ruby.  Dr. Laura works primarily with women to help them understand the relationship between chronic symptoms and core nutritional imbalances, environmental factors and poor lifestyle choices.

I was one of the few guys there to hear what she had to say, and I left impressed with what I heard.  When I got home, I jumped on to her website and found the blog post below.  I wanted to share it with you today, as a gentle reminder that good health is one of the keys to a happy and fulfilled life.  We all have to work with what we’ve got, but simple, everyday changes can make a huge difference in our overall health.  Even though the post focuses on women, guys can also benefit from putting her tips into practice.

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Holiday Temptations

Two experiences I had this past week are prompting this post.

On Tuesday, one of my fifth graders told me that she had a blood test done earlier that day.  That prompted me to ask her why she had to have the test done.  “To check my blood sugar.  I have to change what I eat, because my doctor said I’m on the road to diabetes.”  Wow.  This girl is not obese, and to me, she appears to be just a little overweight.  But diabetes runs in her family, and her doctor was concerned about the extra pounds she is carrying.  Fifth grade.  Ten years old.

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An Assessment

I had the chance to have lunch with a young friend today.  He’s been working on finding a job for several months now, and he’s finally gotten an offer.  I was really happy for him, and to celebrate, I took him  to a local Italian restaurant.

It will take some time for him to actually start, but right now, the offer letter is something to get excited about.

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Take Back Control

One of my friends is getting ready to become a pharmacist 🙂  She is one of my subscribers, and I’m always grateful for her insights.  I asked her to fill us in a bit about the various medicines used in treating diabetes.

As you know, this chronic disease has reached epidemic proportions here in the United States, as well as most other developed countries. Taking control of your health is one of the key concepts on Making All Things New, regardless of whether diabetes is an issue for you or someone you care about.

I hope you find her thoughts as informative as I have.

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Metabolic Syndrome

The other day, I realized that it had been a very long time since I posted anything about type II diabetes.  Recently, one of the people from my church asked me to meet with her.

She had just been diagnosed with pre diabetes, and she was scared. She asked if it would be possible to sit down with her and her son to talk about diabetes and how they could prevent it.  Their desire to get back on track while there is still time is pretty common.  Actually doing something about it is not.

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Was It Really Random?

Yesterday, forty-two people from our Hispanic community were screened for Diabetes.  They had previously taken a risk assessment at a Faith Fighting Diabetes event, and the results showed that they were at high risk for either having the disease or were pre-diabetic.

It was very humbling for me to walk into the crowded waiting room and see all the people there.  This was the first screening we had set up. Knowing that these people were there because of something that happened to me is what humbled me.

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Could This Be Us?

Since I started this blog last March, I’ve been writing about the great need to work on improving our overall health. I’ve brought up the shocking statistic that by the year 2050 one in three Americans will have Type II diabetes.

Those with ethnic backgrounds will have it even worse.  Unless things improve quickly, a full fifty percent of Hispanic and African-American children born in the year 2010 will develop the disease.

If you doubt these numbers, I want to tell you about the tiny island of Nauru.  It has the unfortunate designation as the fattest country on the planet.  Only 8.1 sq. miles, it has a population of around 10,000.  It’s the smallest independent republic on earth, but the waistlines of those who live in what should be an island paradise are anything but small.   

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Living In Denial

I was talking to a friend yesterday at church about Faith Fighting Diabetes.  I wanted him to know about last week’s outreach to the Hispanic members of our congregation and how many of them will be screened this upcoming Saturday.  I thought he would be interested because he’s a diabetic himself.

Then he dropped a bombshell.  I’m in total denial. I don’t do anything I’m supposed to do. What surprising statements from someone who is a public figure, well-educated, and loves life.

I knew my friend was in the advanced stages of diabetes, which I would have thought would be enough to force him to stay on top of this chronic and complicated disease.  Not so.

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Faith Fighting Diabetes

Tomorrow, we’re having our second meeting of the Faith Fighting Diabetes Action Team.  And I’m really excited, because I have some great news to share about an Information Session we had with a group of about 100 Hispanic people at my church this past Sunday.

If you’re new to this site, let me fill you in briefly about Faith Fighting Diabetes.  This past summer, I met with some folks at my local hospital about forming a group that would target faith communities and provide them with information about diabetes.

I wanted to equip local faith leaders so that they could help their congregations either avoid this disease, or better care for themselves if they have been diagnosed.  Statistics show that people trust their faith leaders more than they do their doctors.

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Oh My

It’s always fun to visit a new place.  I really enjoyed my time in Mississippi, although I only saw a small portion of the state.  One thing struck me during my brief time there, however and it involves food. Mississippi has the highest obesity rate in the country, with over 33% of the population considered obese.

Those who read this blog on a regular basis know that where there’s obesity, Type II diabetes is right there too.  So it should come as no surprise that 14.9% of the state’s population have been diagnosed with this illness.  Only West Virginia has a higher incidence of diabetes, but not by much.

These sad numbers came to life for me by two incidents that took place while I was visiting.