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A Time For Everything


My next door neighbor made a comment to me last week that I’ve been happily pondering ever since.  She said she is always amazed that from early spring to late fall, I have something blooming in my yard.  My mother would be proud, since this was a goal she always worked towards and she instilled the same desire in me.

This morning, as the sun was coming up, I took this photo of the irises growing just outside my kitchen door.  They started their full bloom only yesterday, and the one at the top left is in the process of unfurling.  I love this time of year!

“For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).  

It’s taken me many years of planting in my garden to have something putting on a show throughout the growing season like the irises above.  Now that the days are warmer and longer, I’m out in my yard at the crack of dawn most days, praying, reading, watching, listening, and sipping my coffee.  My little garden of Eden.  How blessed we are to have eyes to see, and ears to hear.  Over the next few days, spend some time outdoors.  Open your eyes to the world around you, listen to the sounds of nature.  God is in the midst of it.

To stay in one place and watch the seasons come and go is tantamount to constant travel: One is traveling with the earth.          

                                                      Marguerite Yourcenar












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