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The Small Stuff


I had the chance to visit the Getty Museum today and it was a wonderful, albeit short visit.

Before we checked out an exhibit on the art of Florence at the dawn of the Renaissance, my family and I had a bite to eat at the museum cafe.  As we sat there on the marble patio,  sipping wine and eating our sandwiches, my mom made a comment about it being a quintessential  California day.  She was so right.

The sun was shining, the warm breeze gentle and the location was spectacular.  Yes, all this on the last day of January.  What a gift it was to be able to enjoy it with some of my family.  It’s funny, but as I get older, it’s these simple, unplanned events that I enjoy the most.  So often, we are so busy that we miss the beauty in the small stuff.  I’m sure you know what I mean. 

This weekend, I hope you take some time to enjoy some unplanned, unstructured, uncomplicated time with others you love.  Yes, we often measure our days by the big events, but wouldn’t you agree that we can find great joy in the little things in life. 

Nothing spectacular happened to me today.  But I’ll remember it for a long time.  I hope you can enjoy your own beautiful California day soon, no matter where you live.






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