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It’s All About Control, Pt. II

When I wrote my post about control the other day, I didn’t think that I’d be writing a part two.  Something happened yesterday got me thinking, and I wanted to share it with you.

I was meeting with my chiropractor yesterday, and he was asking me about the medications I take on a daily basis.

One of those that I have to take each and every day is called synthroid, and it makes up for my slow-functioning thyroid.  Before I realized I had thyroid issues, I was feeling really run down all the time, and it seemed like no matter what I did for exercise, I just couldn’t loose any weight.

Once my doctor put me on this medicine, my metabolism kicked in and I started to feel much better, and the weight came off pretty easily.

Now, here’s the reason for today’s post.  When I told my chiropractor about the medicines and supplements I was taking, he asked me how I was taking them.  First thing in the morning, all at the same time.  That was not the answer he was looking for.

He told me that I shouldn’t be taking my synthroid with my daily vitamins, because the two don’t react well to each other.  In fact, the synthroid more than likely isn’t being absorbed properly.  Instead, I should take the synthroid, then wait a couple of hours and take my daily vitamins.  That way, everything will be absorbed into my system properly.  Wow, I wish my regular doctor would have mentioned this to me, especially because he is aware of everything I take.  That being said, I’m going to make an appointment with him to review what the Chiropractor said, just to be sure he’s right.

So, the point of this is that the control I spoke about the other day can be spun many ways.  We need to look at our lives, especially those areas where our care has been intrusted to others, and review things from time to time.  This will ensure we are maximizing our potential to live healthy lives.  Sound like a good plan?

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