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It’s All About Control

If you or someone you know has diabetes, you can sometimes feel a bit like this mountain climber.

It takes tremendous discipline and control to reach the summit, and the risks involved might be enough to keep you off the mountain all together.  Fear of failure (falling, dying) probably has something to do with it.

When dealing with diabetes, most people start out great after receiving their diagnosis.  They eat right, exercise, keep close tabs on their blood sugar numbers, and check in with their doctor on a regular basis.  In the end, its a lot of work, and if the person doesn’t get the results they want, they quickly give up.  They end up coming down the mountain of diabetic life, tired and exhausted, just burned out.  I’m told that’s how it goes with the vast majority of people who deal with this disease on a daily basis.  Maybe it’s gone that way for you.  If that’s the case, there’s hope!

In the most recent edition of Diabetes Forecast, published by the American Diabetes Association, I learned of a national organization called Taking Control Of Your Diabetes.  Founded in 1995 by an endocrinologist named Dr. Steve Edelman, who also happens to have type 1 diabetes himself, this group’s goal is to help people either get on or stay on track for the long haul.  Dr. Edelman believes that a huge part of many people’s lack of control is that they have little information and feel alone in their disease.  In order to lessen or eliminate these issues, he began offering diabetes conferences throughout the country and making online educational videos available on-line.

I went to the website and was really impressed with all that was available for free.  If you or someone you love is a diabetic, please make them aware of this site.  It might make a world of difference to them, and it could help them take back control of their diabetes.  How could that not be a good thing?

Here’s a sample video clip for you to check out.  I think everyone will find it helpful and informative, whether diabetes affects you or not.  Please take a look 🙂

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