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Make Every Day Count

Sorry for the pause in my posts.  I’m still getting over a bug I picked up, and the antibiotics have been slow to kick in.

We’ve finally gotten some snow on the ground in my neck of the woods, and, gratefully, it hasn’t been too much so as to cause a lot of problems.  Snow is actually a very calming force in nature.  I love the way it covers everything, gently reminding the viewer of how much we take for granted.  Watching the snow come down always relaxes me (unless I’m driving), giving me plenty to reflect upon.

With this latest snowfall, I got to thinking about the importance of making every day count.  January is almost over.  Where is the time going?  Where do I stand with my New Year’s resolutions?

Recently I blogged about two random people I met in the span of two days.  Both had lost their jobs and were looking for work.  My heart went out to them, and I began to really appreciate my own job.  Despite all the headaches, my position is a meaningful one with a good salary.  I realized that I needed to be more focused at work, and put more of an effort in to make every day count. What can I do to make that happen?

Over the last few months, I’ve been blessed with a deepening friendship with one of the guys in my men’s group.  As we’ve talked, its uncanny how similar our life experiences have been, even though we come from different backgrounds.  For years, I’ve been getting up very early each day, giving me time to think, pray, and write my blog posts.  For years, my friend has had to make a long commute early each morning, usually listening to talk radio as he drives.

Now, a portion of our early morning is spent talking with each other.  We find ourselves talking about important things, and, more recently and sadly, lost football games.  Our conversations always end in a prayer, not only for ourselves but also for people we know who are going through tough times.  These early morning conversations have really helped me to start my day in a rich and meaningful way.  They set the stage for making every day count.

Friends, life moves fast.  No matter if you’re young or old, rich or poor, working, unemployed or retired, we can all do at least one meaningful thing each day.  Wouldn’t our lives be different if we tried to make every day count and have some meaning beyond its twenty-four hour span?

By seedthrower1

I'm passionate about helping people realize that God wants to make something new of them and bring about a permanent transformation in their lives: body, mind, and spirit.

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