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Lectio Divina

Earlier today, I gave a presentation on Lectio Divina to a group of schoolteachers.  It was well received, so I thought I’d share it with you today.  The art of Lectio Divina, Latin for divine reading might be new to you.  At one time in the history of the Church, however, it was actually quite common.  Then, lives became busy with many other things, and it was left to those in religious life, especially the monastic orders such as the Benedictines, to continue the practice.

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Tomato And Potato Soup With Sage

On that cold and rainy day in California last week, my mom was in the mood for soup. After searching through some magazines and cookbooks, I came across this recipe.

Since mom had some tomato puree in her freezer, the remnant of a bumper crop, I wanted to whip up something that would highlight tomatoes.  This did the trick, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it.

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Hello Rain

I’m always a little disappointed when I’m on vacation and it rains.  Especially when the vacation is in Southern California, which hardly ever gets rain.

My mom and I are heading out early for a little shopping excursion, hoping to beat the worst of it, which is supposed to come in this afternoon.  A whole inch in five hours.  That’s a lot for this area, and I’ve been told it’s best to stay off the roads.  People just don’t handle rain well around here.

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St. Francis

Today is the Feast of St. Francis (1181-1226), one of the great Christian saints.  I had the chance to visit his hometown of Assisi once on October 4th.  Interestingly, the Church honors saints on the day of their death, not their birthday.

By the way, the image to the left is one of my favorite paintings.  It was painted by El Greco, and hangs in one of the galleries at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore.  When I was a student at Johns Hopkins and living in downtown Baltimore, I stood in front of this painting many times.  It’s very dramatic in its monochrome shades, and stands out in a gallery filled with brightly colored paintings.  Sorry for the deviation. 🙂

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It’s nice to be home for a week.  Home being California.  As you might expect, the weather has been perfect.  Not quite the low 40’s I left.

It’s funny how much we crave familiarity, and it’s sometimes hard to find it, isn’t it? It might be people (like your family), or a place (like the beach), or some other thing (maybe a favorite food).  What might it be for you?

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Asparagus With Creamy Dijon Sauce

I had the chance to take my mom to a Farmer’s Market today.  It was just a small one in a downtown location, but it was nice to look around and see what was on their tables.

Only one vendor had asparagus, and remembering that I had just seen a recipe in one of mom’s magazines, I picked up a couple of bunches.

I don’t know about you, but I love roasted asparagus, cooked with just a little olive oil and sea salt sprinkled on top.  Cooking the spears in that way, and then pouring this wonderful sauce on top would be a great combo.  It was.  I hope you enjoy 🙂