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Doubting Is Okay

With all the confusion going on in our culture today, it’s pretty easy to fall into a kind of doubting game.

Is there anyone or anything we can really trust?  It seems like we are being let down all over the place, and for many people, they get sucked into a downward spiral of negativity.  Doubting, in and of itself, can be an okay thing.  The key is to not get trapped in it.  

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Being In The Country Is Good For The Soul, Pt. III

I guess I could have done a post just on all the various barns I saw while I was in the country this past weekend.

It’s amazing to me how different they are from one another, and yet, there were a couple that we almost exactly the same.

While out on my long walks each day, I was also struck by how many barns are falling into disrepair.  This one, however, was well maintained.  I guess even farmers are stressed out and don’t have time to take care of everything.

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Being In The Country Is Good For the Soul, Pt. II

I woke up yesterday to let the dog out, and to my right was a very beautiful sunrise.  You know the kind, where the whole sky is kind of an orangey-red mix, and the clouds take on a pink-like hue.

I raced inside, got the camera, and then walked to the road to take this photo. My little camera doesn’t do the best job taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets, but I thought it came out pretty cool.

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Being In The Country Is Good For The Soul, Pt. I

I just got back from four absolutely relaxing and stress-free days of retreat.  And let me tell you, I loved being in the country.

Whenever I go the back way to my friend Nancy’s retreat center, I have to drive over this bridge. Coming from California, I don’t think I was ever on a one lane bridge until traveling across this one, known as the Fourpoints Bridge.

I hate to say it, but I’m always so busy, I never really took the time to check the bridge out until this little retreat. 

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Fresh Tomato Sauce

My mom called me the other day, enthused about her super abundance of tomatoes.  She wanted to start making sauce, and lot’s of it 🙂

The Pomarola Sauce from a couple of weeks ago hailed from Naples.  Today’s recipe is a Tuscan classic.  In Tuscany, the rule of thumb is is combine only necessary ingredients, of the highest quality, and in perfect proportions, in order to produce the very best results.

Given the fact that this recipe  only has three ingredients, I think you’ll have the chance to taste a bit Tuscany, and how could that not be a good thing?

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It’s Going To Be A Good Day

Here in Maryland, the humidity has finally broken and we’ve had some really nice, warm days.  Although I enjoy hot weather, I could absolutely do without humidity.

Even though I’ve lived here for over twenty years, my body has never adjusted to it, and it zaps me of a ton of energy.  Ah, the joys of living in the Mid Atlantic states 🙂

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Something New, Part II

So, the Life Coach from Tony Robbins thought that I would make a great Life Coach.  Of course, she also wanted to sell me several months worth of coaching through them.

Throughout the next several days, I couldn’t stop thinking about Life Coaching.  I went to the library, did web searches, and talked to some of my friends and those I’ve mentored over the years.  I got the thumbs up over and over.  So many people told me that they thought it would be a perfect fit for me, since I’ve already been more or less doing life coaching for several years.  

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Post #400 And Something New

Well, it’s taken me about a year and a half, but today is my four hundredth post.  When you have nothing else to do one day, please go through my archives here at Making All Things New.  I think there’s a ton of good content on this site, and I hope you’ll find something that impacts you.

This blog is a labor of love, and it’s been a lot of fun to do.  I can’t wait for what’s ahead, and I hope you’ll stick with me 🙂