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Doubting Is Okay

With all the confusion going on in our culture today, it’s pretty easy to fall into a kind of doubting game.

Is there anyone or anything we can really trust?  It seems like we are being let down all over the place, and for many people, they get sucked into a downward spiral of negativity.  Doubting, in and of itself, can be an okay thing.  The key is to not get trapped in it.  For help in understanding this, I’m turning to the words of Catherine Doherty, author of Grace in Every Season, a wonderful little daily devotional.

Doubting Is Okay

The Lord often says to us, “It as through doubts that you find me.”  This is a very strange thought, is it not?  But at the same time, it is very true; for those who do not doubt God are not on a pilgrimage.  We can, indeed, believe in God- superficially.  But those who seek him, who really want to find the Absolute, as he is, go on a pilgrimage.

It should be a very simple pilgrimage because the way to find God is in the other person.  The way to trust him and not doubt him is to trust another person.  There is some strange kind of mystery in all this.  Why does trust in one person open such immense horizons of love?  This trust is truly a mystery.

We should kneel before this mystery, and sometimes even prostrate ourselves before it.  Only God can reveal mysteries to us; and even then, he does so in a quite mysterious way.  As far as we’re concerned, he decrees that whatever we do to the least of his brethren, we do to him.  Now that’s something to be thought over.

When we enter our desert of doubts, let us stop and pause and understand that we are on a pilgrimage.  This moves our souls, our hearts, ever closer, closer, closer to God.  And that strange mystery, of believing when there is nothing to believe in, is the key to complete trust in God and in the dissolution of doubt. (pg. 269-270)

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