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Passion, Disillusionment, and Joy

I just got back from a little church service, and the deacon gave a talk on passion, disillusionment and joy.  He did a great job.

He said that almost all new relationships have some degree of passion about them. Certainly, romances do.  People are passionate about new jobs, new friendships, new beginnings.  There’s excitement that comes from these experiences, and these new relationships can be exhilarating.

Over time, most relationships go through rough patches.  Maybe we expect too much from people.  It could be that we focus more on our needs than on the needs of the other person.  Or it’s possible that over time, we come to realize that they really weren’t the person we thought they were.  Sometimes, we just get tired of the same-old stuff, and decide it’s time to move on.

More often than not, the deacon reminded us that we are called to try and stick it out.  Be in it for the long haul, realizing that it’s sometimes through periods of disillusionment that we find out more about ourselves than we do the other person.

Taking time to remember the passion, newness, and excitement that existed early on might be the reminder that we need to keep going.  By being faithful, be it with a spouse, a friend, or a relative, we might just find the joy that we all want so much.

If you are in a relationship with someone, and you are muddling through a rough patch, a time of disillusionment, try and stick it out.  Remember the good things that brought you into the relationship to begin with.  Of course, sometimes it’s better to call it quits and move on, but at least you did your part to try and work it out.

We all need more joy in our lives.  Sharing that joy with those we care about deeply can lead to a transformation in the relationship.  Give it a try.

Joy comes with the morning 

Psalm 30:6

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