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Happy Independence Day

Two of my fondest memories of living on the East Coast involve the 4th of July.  Moving from California to Maryland to attend Johns Hopkins in the crazy hot month of August, I came too late that first year.  But when July came around again, one of my friends had the idea that we should all head to Washington D.C. to see the fireworks.

Sitting on the Mall that night, I had no idea what I was in for.  When the first fireworks were sent up, they were pretty good, especially with the Washington Monument and the Capital as the backdrop.  But these fireworks went on and on and on, getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  Never in my life had I seen such a display.  It was awe-inspiring.

When I eventually made it home that night, I called my mom.  I told her that she had to come experience this with me the following year, and with some other family members, she did.  There are a lot of funny stories related to that trip, including a mad dash for the metro (several blocks away), so that we could be on our way home before the rest of the crowd.

I’m telling this story as an encouragement to you.  Some time in your life, you should make it out to Washington D.C. for the 4th of July.  Yes, it will be hot.  Yes, it will be crowded.  But you’ll have the chance to experience something really great about our country.  We love to celebrate, 🙂 usually in a big way.

As you begin to daydream about such an adventure, I thought this video clip might give you a little encouragement.

God bless our troops.  God bless this great country of ours.  Have a very blessed and peaceful 4th of July 🙂

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