Catholic Church Inspiration Papacy Prayer

Pope John Paul II

It’s hard to believe six years have gone by since Pope John Paul II went home to the Father’s house.  It is hard to imagine that there will ever be another pope like him. His legacy will be felt and studied for centuries.  In the weeks to come, he’ll be recognized for his saintly qualities and his remarkable life.  For today, I thought this little meditation from the band U2 would be a nice way to remember him.


On Gratitude II

In my first post on gratitude, I asked you to reflect upon all the gifts we have been given, and how important it is to strive to live a life of gratitude.  We are so blessed, and yet most of the time we go about our lives focusing on what we don’t have, rather than on what we do have.

Today, I want to put a different spin on it.  I want us to take a look at ingratitude, not only in our own lives, but also in the lives of those around us.