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Trading My Sorrows

Several years ago, Trading My Sorrows, written by Darrell Evans, was a very popular Christian song.  I know the teens in our youth group loved it, and it seemed like we sung it often at our various events.

We used it so much that I got tired of it.  You’ve probably had similar experiences with other songs.  Although the message was great, you become a bit deaf to it because it was repeated so often.  

For the past couple of days, the song came back to me, and its been circling in my mind.  I was reflecting on the meaning of the words early this morning, and I was once again moved by them.

This video clip has a bunch of great quotes from 1 Corinthians and 1 John.  St. Paul wrote his letter to the Corinthians around the year 56.  The men and women he was writing to had accepted the Good News and were trying to live out their faith.  We, like them, struggled greatly in this endeavor.  Paul challenged and encouraged them.

St. John’s letter was written around the end of the 1st century.  He was trying to combat false ideas, especially about Jesus, and to deepen the faith of the Christian community.

Both these letters, along with this song, should have deep meaning for all of us today.  As I watched the sun come up a few hours ago, I was once again reminded of God’s infinite love and mercy towards me.

I hope this clip gives you the chance to realize that He feels the same way towards you:)

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