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I’m sure you know the old expression, God doesn’t give you something that you can’t handle. Lately, I was beginning to doubt it.

Quite a few people I know have been going though hard times recently, and all at once they were coming to me with their problems.  I think of myself as a pretty strong person, with a solid faith and I’m known to give pretty good advice. When things come at you in waves, however, it can be a bit overwhelming. Maybe you’ve experienced something similar?

Over the last few days, however, I’ve learned a valuable lesson.  Just when you think God has given you too much to handle, He sends you friends.  From phone calls, texts, lunches and face book messages, God sent me just what I needed.  One friend drove thirty minutes in the snow to hang out and have some coffee.  God is good 🙂

Interestingly, none of them knew all the things I was dealing with.  Some knew I was stressed, but most didn’t have a clue.    God loves us like that.  He sends us what we need just at the right moment.  I feel renewed.

What a gift, and the old saying is true.  God doesn’t give you something that you can’t handle.  The key is knowing you’re never really alone.

I’m guessing someone reading these words right now probably has a friend they haven’t spoken to in a while.  Life always seems to get in the way, doesn’t it?

Take some time over the next few days and reach out to them.  Pray about it. Brighten someone’s day and make a difference.

A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter;

he who finds one finds a treasure.

A faithful friend is beyond price,

no sum can balance his worth.

A faithful friend is a life-saving remedy,

such as he who fears God finds;

For he who fears God behaves accordingly,

and is friend will be like himself.

Sirach 6:14-17

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I'm passionate about helping people realize that God wants to make something new of them and bring about a permanent transformation in their lives: body, mind, and spirit.

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