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Deck The Halls

We had our first snow flurries today.  Not much, and not for long, but a sure sign of things to come.  Our cold weather prompted me to start breaking out the Christmas decorations.

This is way early for me, especially because I’m not expecting any company for the next couple of weeks.

Maybe it was the comment from my friend Will, the new dad 🙂 about how much he loves the Christmas Season.

Maybe it was my co-worker Jordan reminding me that this will be her son Brendan’s first Christmas 🙂

Whatever it was, something’s different.  I usually like to hold on to Advent for as long as I can, since it sets the stage for a more Christ-centered celebration on the 25th.  

But this year, I think we all need a big dose of Christmas joy.  There’s lots of stuff going on in our lives right now, and for many people, what’s happening is not easy and they are struggling.  The other day I wrote that one of my favorite titles of Jesus is Emmanuel, which means God is with us.

Christmas is a reminder of the wonderful love God has for us, and that no matter how difficult our situations might appear, He’s there in the midst of it.  This doesn’t mean that it’s going to all go away, or that things will instantly be better.  Rather, it’s a call to trust that, in everything we experience, the good and the bad, He’s there.

Breaking out the decorations, buying the tree a little earlier this year, putting on a favorite Christmas cd can all lead to a hope-filled confidence that Emmanuel is not only coming again, but He is also already here.

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