Tomato Time

First thing tomorrow morning, I’m heading up to a big nursery in Maryland called Valley View Farms.  They carry over thirty varieties of tomatoes, along with an unbelievable amount of veggie plants and seeds.

I was telling my friend Brian about my annual pilgrimage, and he asked to join me.  He already has some tomatoes planted. Maybe he’s planning a little friendly competition?

At least four plants will go into the earth boxes my brother gave me a couple of Christmas’ ago.  The info sheet that came with the boxes said that, if you followed all their instructions exactly, you would get a record crop, and that I did.  I was giving tomatoes away left and right.  Now that I’m doing a lot more cooking, my hope is that this year I would try my hand at doing some home canning.  I can already taste the little red gems, right from the mason jar, along with garlic and basil.  I’ll be remembering summer straight past New Year’s.

Well, that’s a good goal to have at least.  I want to put a lot of veggie seeds in soon as well.  Our last frost date around here  generally occurs the first week of May.  Only days from now!    Pictures of the crop will be forthcoming.  What are you going to plant?

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