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Earth Day

I wish we could have sat together today under the pergola.  The warm air was heavy with the scent of lilacs.  We have Hans and Mary to thank for this one, planted years ago and still going strong.  I’ve added my own to the mix, a white one on the side of the house. Will the people who come after me know my name, or why I planted a white one?

Yesterday, a dvd from Netflix arrived in the mail. It was the second part to Ken Burns’ documentary on the National Park System.  What a master film maker!  It was ironic that it would arrive on the eve of Earth Day.

As I watched, I realized what a debt of gratitude we owe to people like Teddy Roosevelt.  What would have been lost had he not taken a little trip out west in his youth, and who one day had the power to stop a destruction that could have never been reversed.

We also need to thank the people who have cared for the land, who planted the trees, designed the gardens and parks we enjoy.  What would Central Park be had it not been for Olmstead?  Descanso Gardens without Boddy?  We have lots of people to thank for giving us the pleasure of experiencing the joy that comes from nature. Most of all, thanks to the Master Himself, who created it all, and called it good.

All of earth is crammed with heaven

And every bush a flame with God

But only those who see take off their shoes.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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