National Farmer’s Market Week

That’s right, August 2-8 is National Farmer’s Market Week.  Just yesterday, I made my weekly visit to my local market held each Saturday Morning here in downtown Westminster.  For some reason, it doesn’t show up on the list of other Farmer’s Markets in Maryland, but there are five other markets to choose from just in my own county.  Anyway, over the last five years, I’ve gotten to know the farmers and other vendors well, and it’s fun to guess when this or that crop will be coming in.  I look forward to the brief appearance of tiny lavender eggplants (Fairy Tale) that one farmer puts out each summer.  They are delicious, and I prepare them by cutting them in half (they are 3-4 inches long), brushing with olive oil, and sprinkling with garlic salt, then grilling quickly.  They make a great summer appetizer.

I think there’s something special about knowing who is growing the food we eat, and also where it’s coming from.  The Farmer’s Market Coalition agrees, and I would encourage you to take some time to check out the info on the link and all the additional info they have on their website.  One statistic I got from their attached report is that 50% of farmers who sell at Farmer’s Markets are getting at least half their income from these venues.  What an incentive to help out the little guy/gal and support them!

I know it might be hard to make it to your local market if it’s during the week, but try and visit one on the weekend.  I have no doubt, no matter where you live, there’s a Farmer’s Market not too far away.  Get to know the people who are growing/raising the food you prepare and put on your table for yourself and those you love.  Better yet, supplement your home grown veggies and fruits with those from people you trust.  Healthy farms make for  healthy communities.

If you make it to a Farmer’s Market this week, please let us know how it went by sending a reply message. 

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