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A New Dawn


I was on the hunt yesterday for a climbing rose named New Dawn.  It does very well in my area, and it’s mentioned often on a weekly gardening radio show I listen to.  Sadly, it’s a bit early to plant roses here in Maryland, so there were none to be had at the nursery.  I’ll have to wait till the beginning of May, right around Mother’s Day.  Of course.  I was thinking about my mom when I decided to go out at get this rose.

My mom passed away on March 26th.  She was an amazing woman and will be remembered for many things, but her beautiful roses will be at the top of everyone’s list.  Spring comes early in Southern California, and the first blooms on her many roses were just starting as mom’s earthly life came to an end.  I imagine, with a little heavenly help from her, my mom’s garden will flourish this year.

I hope she’ll send a little help my way too, since roses aren’t easy to grow here in my area.  I’m looking forward to May, when I can honor mom with a new rose in my garden.  New Dawn will not only be beautiful, but its name gives recognition to the fact that life goes on, and each new dawn is another opportunity for us to be more kind, more compassionate, more forgiving, and more loving.  Maybe we should all plant one this season.

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