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Yesterday, I had a business meeting which took me to Georgetown, one of Washington DC’s many neighborhoods.

When the meeting was over, I asked someone how to get to the nearest Metro station.  It was about a mile away, and since the day was sunny and warm, I decided to walk, mostly on Q Street.


I don’t know about you, but I love to explore new places.  I’ve been to Washington DC hundreds of times over the years, and now I go to grad school there, but I’ve never walked the quiet streets of Georgetown.

Strolling towards my destination, I was impressed by the various styles of architecture all around me.  Small homes, mansions, all appearing very old, were built quite close together.  As I made my way towards the Metro Station,  single homes had given way to apartment buildings.  I guess the land had become just too expensive.

Near the end of my walk, I crossed Dumbarton Bridge, built just before World War One. This bridge is also known as Buffalo Bridge, thanks to the four massive bronze sculptures that mark the bridge’s corners.   I always love it when I come upon something unexpected, especially works of art.  I thought for a moment that, if I had to cross this bridge each day, would I quickly stop paying attention to the majestic beauty of these sculptures?  Probably.

On the other side of the bridge, I began seeing huge and grand old homes. Out front, unusual flags were flying.  Ah, the embassies.  How lucky those people are to work in such places, but I’m guessing they too would be less impressed as time went on.

So, the next time you have the chance, take a walk or a drive on a road less traveled.  Pay attention to how people make their mark on the places they live.  I hope I never stop enjoying the sight of new places and things.  Maybe it will keep my mind sharp.  Let’s hope so 🙂

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