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Don’t Just Be A Hearer

I’m in my second week of doctoral classes at Catholic University of America.  Actually, if you throw in the on-line component (six weeks), I’m more than half way through the semester.  Thanks be to God 🙂

One of the real joys of being on campus is that I can visit the National Shrine, which sits on campus.  One of the largest Catholic churches in our hemisphere, the Shrine is a remarkable place.

Earlier this week, I walked by one of the side entrances, and looking up, I read this passage from James (1:22), which is above the doorway.  I hope you can make out the words in the photo, but if not, they read:  “Be doers of the Word and not hearers only.”

The Scripture passage touched a nerve in me, since earlier in the day, one of my professors was talking about this very thing.

So often, we come to church, hear what’s said, think about it, pray about it, then walk out when the service is over and forget about it before we’re off the parking lot.

St. James reminds us that we need to be more than hearers.  We need to take Scripture and let it transform us. The Word of God should encourage us to action, press us into service.

So, are you just a hearer, or are you also a doer?  The challenge of the passage is that we’re called to be both, not just one or the other.

Are you up for the challenge?

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