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What Are We Really Consuming?

I was out on yahoo’s homepage yesterday, and I saw a little news item that caught my attention.  It read, McDonald’s drops pink slime.

How could you not open that little window to see what they were talking about?  Heck, we all eat at McDonald’s from time to time, right?

Well, I think they’ll be a few less fast food customers after watching this video clip.

In a nutshell, about 70% of all the ground beef we consume is chemically treated, so that parts of the cow which would be considered inedible can be consumed by humans.  The pink goo in the photo above is an ammonia additive used by McDonald’s until recently.  Thanks to TV chef Jaime Oliver, who, in this video clip, brings to light the common use of  chemicals to treat our food.

I don’t know about you, but this kind of stuff really scares me.  The fact that such things don’t have to be identified to the people consuming the product makes me mad.  Well, I could go on and on…

This is just a reminder that, if we want to be healthy over the long haul, we must become more aware of what we’re putting into our mouths.  Not only where our food comes from, but also what might be added to it before it ever enters our homes.

Just this morning, I opened a new container of Fat-Free Half and Half for my coffee.  Now, you would think that you’d be safe here, but on the list of ingredients, even before the actual cream itself, was corn syrup.  So, there was more corn syrup in my half and half than cream.  Wow.

I think if we really paid attention, we’d be shocked beyond belief with what we’re really consuming.  A bit scary, don’t you think?

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