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Are You Divinely Discontent?

It’s been a long time since I’ve offered you a guest post on Making All Things New.  Once again, my friend Todd Burrier had a really good and simple message recently, and I thought it was worth sharing with you.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times over the last few weeks, these days of Advent are a wonderful time to be a bit introspective, looking at where we’ve been this past year, and laying out a game plan for where we hope to be in 2012.  I hope Todd’s post will provide you with some inspiration.

Are You Divinely Discontent?

Todd Burrier

Norman Vincent Peale said, “before we can ever become what we want to be, we must be dissatisfied with what we are.”

This relates to his idea of “divine discontent.” The gist of this is that you have the desires that God placed in your heart, as well as gifts and abilities which, if you will develop them, will lead you to the desires of your heart. The challenge we face as human beings in today’s abundant and easy (comparatively speaking) life, is that we have so much that we settle for so little (this is a Jim Rohn idea, not my own).

This creates levels of contentment with a life that is not up to what God intended for us. Divine discontent is what I would relate to quiet desperation….when it’s just us and the mirror and no thought of pleasing others with our words or worrying about what others might say or think, we KNOW we are settling for less than we were designed for. Making the decision to NOT allow ourselves to settle for less than we can be is the beginning of a rich and fulfilling and exciting life. I hope you recognize your divine discontent….and I hope you will take action 🙂

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