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Mission of Mercy

About three years ago, I discovered a wonderful organization that operates in my community. Mission of Mercy is a Christian non-profit organization that provides free medical and dental care in several states, including Maryland.

Operating out of large mobile homes converted to doctor’s offices, they travel to communities with populations of underserved people.  This organization is simply amazing 🙂

Although I knew they existed, I didn’t have any contact with them until I had a friend who needed medical care but had no money or insurance.  David had just gotten out of prison, and, due to the very inadequate medical attention he received during his incarceration, he was a mess.

A note about their services on our bulletin board at church reminded me of their existence, and within a few hours, I had an appointment for Dave.  The mobile doctor’s office that serves my community only visits once a week, and it was amazing to me to see the crowds waiting patiently to be seen.  I recognized quite a few people, both patients and staff, all of whom I knew from church.

David was well taken care of by the doctor and staff of Mission of Mercy.  He was throughly checked out, given paperwork to receive x-rays, and prescription drugs to help him deal with his severe arthritis.  I remember him saying that his family thought it was some kind of scam and he should be very cautious.  Because of Dave’s life experience, he just couldn’t believe that there are still kind and loving people doing great things without wanting anything in return.  Mission of Mercy showed him something different and unexpected.  Love without conditions.

I’m up early this morning because I’m taking another person to Mission of Mercy. Unfortunately, when I called yesterday to make an appointment, I found they were totally booked (a sign of the great need).  The receptionist said we could come and try to get one of the “walk in spots”, but we’d have to be there by 7:30 am.  If my friend didn’t get seen today, he could make an appointment for next Wednesday.

When I first mentioned this organization to my friend last week, he had never heard of them.  I’ve found this to be pretty common, since this organization flies under the radar most of the time, preferring to quietly serve and live out their motto, “healing through love.”  They perform this ministry without any government assistance.  All their money comes from donations.

Last night, the friend I’m taking there today sent me a text message.  “I’ve never been this excited to see a doctor in my life.”  He’s been dealing with chronic pain for a long time, and I told him the reason he’s excited is because he knows his pain is going to be dealt with, and this will be done in love and without cost.  If that isn’t the gospel being lived out, I don’t know what is.

Friends, I tell you this story as a challenge to you.  Most of the people who read this blog are well provided for.  We have jobs or good retirement packages, and we have adequate health insurance.  A quickly growing population in our country is not so lucky.  Many don’t know what to do or are simply overwhelmed by a broken system.  Find a way to help them.  I’m sure there’s probably an organization like Mission of Mercy in your area. Make a donation of money or time to them.  Find a way to assist, and help heal someone through love.

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