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Maintenance Mode

I had a busy weekend, how about you?  Over the last few weeks, I  realized I had let a lot of general maintenance go, and things were looking pretty shabby.

I also realized that I had put some personal stuff go, and it was time to get things back in order.  It was actually a fun process, and I am happy to report good results. 🙂

Whenever we let things go and stop maintaining them, we end up spending a whole lot more time and effort (and maybe money) than we needed to had we stayed on top of things.  I’m sure you can relate…

Friday was a fun day.  I read on-line that one of the local stores was buying back old electronics, and offering a pretty nice sum, as long as things were working.  When I bought my Mac several years ago, I got a free ipod thrown into the deal.  It was one of the big, clunky, classic models, and it’s served me well.  However, when my hard drive crashed about three years ago, I lost the ability to sync the ipod to the computer 🙁

Because of that, I hadn’t been able to listen to any new songs, download my personal development material, etc., and I was frustrated.  I’m happy to report the frustration ended with the purchase of my new ipod touch.  What a remarkable little piece of equipment.  I spent Friday afternoon syncing everything, downloading some fresh new songs, and kicking myself a little for waiting so long.

On Saturday and Sunday, it was yard work.  I’d really let things go in that area, and everything was looking pretty rough.  My weedwacker had been out of string for about six weeks, and, needless to say, the edging was a mess.  Not only the edging, but my little side yard had weeds that were about four feet tall happily growing everywhere.  Another unsightly mess.

It took me about three hours to get things cleaned up in the yard.  Had I gotten that replacement string for my weekwacker several weeks ago, it would have taken me thirty minutes.  Why do we put things off for so long?

So, why am I boring you with all the details of my weekend?

When we get things right in our life, we need to move into a maintenance mode.  Whether it’s with our yards, our business, our health, or our relationships, we have to keep on top of things.

This week, I challenge you to take care of at least one thing you’ve been putting off. Whatever that might be for you, do something about it.

Then, once you take care of it, think about how you’re going to maintain it, and develop a plan to do just that.  Sometime in the future, you’ll be very glad you did. 🙂

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I'm passionate about helping people realize that God wants to make something new of them and bring about a permanent transformation in their lives: body, mind, and spirit.

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