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Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of times with a small group of friends talking about the internet.  We are trying to figure out how we can tap into this unbelievable market, make an income, and at the same time help people better their lives.

First sitting at a local restaurant, and then coming back together in my home office, we are moving forward, separately and together.  Each of us has a story to tell, and we’re approaching things slightly differently, but we’re forging ahead, and its exciting.  The potential reach is virtually unlimited.  

Last Saturday night, I was up late, talking on the phone with my friend John.  I told him that, from all that I have read, one of the keys to a successful blog is the development of a large subscriber list.  Having a group of faithful readers (thank you 🙂 ) means that you’ve developed an on-line relationship with folks you may not ever meet, but yet you can be friends who are mutually supportive of one another.

Although I love to write my posts, I’m not too skilled in the mechanics of the blogging world, and I don’t have a lot of extra time to concentrate on the technical side of things.  I’d rather focus on well written posts that encourage people to transform their lives.

Something that’s going to allow me to do this, while at the same time expand my blog, is outsourcing.  That’s right, a blogger can easily and inexpensively outsource just about everything, and there are a lot of companies just waiting to help.

Right now, I’ve got a bid out on my project to improve Making All Things New. Highly skilled workers in other parts of the world are waiting to be hired, even for the smallest of tasks.  I simply don’t have time to learn how to do certain technical things, so why not cost effectively hire someone who can?

To me, this new way of thinking is one of the most exciting things about where we are today.  A small time blogger like me can hire someone on the other side of the world to make his/her blog even better.  It can be done easily, inexpensively, and most importantly, effectively.  I can’t wait to see what happens 🙂

We all know that change is inevitable.  As we learn to adapt to new ways of doing things, we can go with the flow or rebel against it.  I’m convinced that, even though things are difficult for many people right now, there are great opportunities waiting for those who search for them.  I hope you’ll join me in that search.

Earlier I wrote of my conversation about my desire to build my subscriber list.  the day after that phone call, I got an email from WordPress, my blogging platform. Every time a new person subscribes or makes a comment, an email is generated, and this one was to let me know I had a new subscriber.  The person is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  How exciting!  I wanted to take a minute to welcome them 🙂

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I'm passionate about helping people realize that God wants to make something new of them and bring about a permanent transformation in their lives: body, mind, and spirit.

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