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I had never seen The Biggest Loser until we had a Tuesday snow day last year. I was hooked after just one episode.  Week after week I watched as the weight came off these folks.  Talking about radical transformations.

Even though I was well on my way to achieving my own weight loss goals by the time I saw the show, I was really encouraged by the contestant’s stories.  Sadly, their experience of slowly losing the obesity battle is shared by many Americans today.If you haven’t watched an episode, you should.  These folks put faces on this health crisis.  I think the show gives hope to those who think they will never be healthy again.

For those lucky enough to not have weight issues, I think the show helps them be more compassionate to those who are obese.

For all of us, this show is a huge reminder that we have to take care of ourselves. Getting fit and staying there should be a New Year’s resolution for everyone reading this blog.  Stop putting it off.  There’s no time like the present.

This weekend, I’m joining a Fitness Challenge at my local YMCA.  Lasting ten weeks, the program is for anyone who has 15 or more pounds to lose.  Luckily, I’m not aiming to lose too much more than that, but it wasn’t always that way.

The first time around, I did it by myself, and it was really hard.  I’m excited to team up with others through the challenge, so that we can cheer each other on and get fit together.  There’s always power in numbers.

I’ll let you know how it’s going as the weeks go by, the weight comes off, and the muscle develop.

What are you doing to get fit?

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I'm passionate about helping people realize that God wants to make something new of them and bring about a permanent transformation in their lives: body, mind, and spirit.

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Some of my friends and I have been talking about doing this marathon/obstacle course

Whether we’re actually going to do it or not I’m not sure, but just the idea of having something to work for is great motivation. It’s so much easier to push yourself when you have a purpose to work towards and friends to keep you accountable.

Hey Paul! Just wanted to let you know I’m passing your website onto some people I know who follow a diet very similar to yours! I’m getting fit by going to Curves, walking, and training to walk the Susan G. Komen 3-day breast cancer walk in September – 60 miles in 3 days! Hope to see you soon!

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