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Summer Evenings and Baby Eggplant

Lately, it’s been too hot and humid to sit outside in the evenings.  I guess I’ve just gotten too used to air conditioning:(  Last night, the weather being nice, I had the chance to have dinner under my pergola with some friends.   Just about everything we ate came from my local farmer’s market, and it was all delicious.  The red wine was a gift from a previous guest.  It complemented the food perfectly.

As I was contemplating becoming a vegetarian, I worried that I would never eat good food again.  I thought that I would get bored really quickly and go back to eating meat.  As everyone who follows my blog knows, this decision was as much spiritual as it was health-related.  That it was the right decision for me I have no doubt.

When you go without something you like, I think you savor what you do have even more.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the baby eggplants I found on one of the farmer’s tables.  I’m just sorry I can’t remember the name!  They were lavender in color, just about three inches long and about an inch wide.  I cut them down the middle, doused them in olive oil, and sprinkled some garlic powder all over.  They cooked on the grill quickly, less than two minutes on each side.  I served them as an appetizer, and let me tell you, they were fantastic.  My dinner companions enjoyed them as much as I did.  What fun to try something new and unusual.

I can’t wait till next Saturday’s market, because I’m planning on buying all the little eggplants I can find.  This past Saturday, only one farmer was selling these tiny guys.  Making a find is one of the many joys of Farmer’s Markets.

People have already started sending me emails asking for my dinner recipes.  Today’s been a long day, and I’m whooped.  I promise to get them up tomorrow, including some pictures.

As the summer winds down, take a chance and cook something new.  My friend Dan emailed me about his bumper crop of tomatoes.  How about a big batch of chilled gazpacho? Pasta Sauce anyone?  Or better yet, maybe just a tomato sandwich?  The possibilities are endless, but time is short.  Those mealy, pale and tasteless hothouse tomatoes will be on your grocer’s shelf before you know it.

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