Sad Loss

A news article caught my eye this morning.  I know it might seem insignificant on the grand scheme of things, but last Tuesday,  one of the oldest continually operated family farms in the United States was put up for sale.  How far back did it go?  Try 378 years.  That’s not a typo.  In 1632 John Tuttle arrived from England and settled along the Maine-New Hampshire border.  Holding a land grant from King Charles I, he started his farm.

Eleven generations later, his descendents are are worn out and tired of just scratching a living. In our country today, family farms are being sold in ever increasing numbers. Most are selling out to large, corporate farming enterprises.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m very pro business, but I struggle with the fact that we’re losing something very important when places like the Tuttle Farm are sold.  Family farms have been a vital part of our country since its founding (and long before, as this farm proves).

But times are hard, especially for farmers.  I’ve been blessed to know quite a few during my years in Maryland, and let me tell you, I don’t know very many people who work as hard as they do.  I can understand why the Tuttles want to sell, but its a sad loss.

A few weeks ago I wrote about farmer’s markets, and how great it is to buy fresh, local produce from these hard-working people.  The next time you have the chance, visit one.  Buy local, and share in the bounty.  You’ll appreciate how good everything tastes!

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