Simple Things

Yesterday, I had some visitors from Italy.  My friend Diego brought his grandparents over for a quick visit, and although they don’t speak any English, and I don’t really speak any Italian, we got by great.

Diego’s maternal grandparents were at my house once before.  I had just purchased the place, and it was a wreck.  It had some pretty big structural problems, and ultimately the entire first floor had to be replaced.  Although they seemed to be happy for me as we walked around inside, as soon as they got in the car, they told Diego’s parents that I had bought a money pit.

Six years later, I was so happy to show them how the place turned out.  I think they were surprised 🙂

We opened a bottle of prosecco and a box of biscotti, and I told Diego to have everyone sit in the living room.  When I made it in from the kitchen, I found everyone not in the living room, but already sitting around the dining room table.  It struck me that when most Americans gather with friends, they get comfortable in the living or family room.  But when Italians get together, they do it around the table.  I think I like the table idea more.

Yesterday was a quick and simple get-together, and it was perfect.  By the way, prosecco and biscotti go together very nicely 😉

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