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Summer is Here

Tomorrow marks the “official” start of summer.  Around these parts, its felt like summer for several weeks now, with plenty of heat and humidity.  While I love the heat, I can do without the humidity, thanks very much.

It seems like forever ago that I mentioned that Morningstar Farms website has a bunch of summer burger recipes on their website.  I can’t decide which one to try out first, but the Black and Blue burger seems to be calling my name.  I don’t eat much cheese any more, but I think I’ll use some blue cheese dressing, then bring the bottle in for my coworkers to use on their salads. 

Morningstar even has a pdf document covering the basics of grilling veggie burgers.  They think of everything 🙂

Although the photo above doesn’t quite fit the image of a veggie burger on the grill, it was too nice looking not to put up.  Sadly, it was probably taken of some beach on the Gulf Coast before the oil started washing ashore.  We need to keep praying for some Divine intervention with that unending crisis.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone, especially my brothers!

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