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Sacred Feasts

(Assisi, 2007)

In his cookbook, Sacred Feasts, Brother Victor-Antione D’Avila-Latourrette (what a name for a monk) wrote that he hoped his readers would discover an affinity for the monastic (vegetarian) approach to cooking.  Brother Victor (much better ;)) wrote ,

this style of cooking is characterized by simplicity, tastefulness and resilient frugality.  It’s also imbued with the innumerable joys and ways of praising God daily through the practice of food spirituality in the humble sanctuary of the kitchen. (pg. vii) 

When I first purchased this great cookbook, I didn’t know that for centuries, monks ate an almost exclusively vegetarian diet.  As I read through the recipe commentaries, I began to understand not only the rhythm of monastery life, but also how simply the monks ate.  Brother Victor presented the monk’s favorite recipes with the hope that everyday cooks would recreate and experiment with the dishes, which he called authentic food for the body and soul.

Being an everyday cook, I did just that, and through trying the recipes, I became hooked on vegetarian food.  I loved the line about authentic food for the body and soul.  Yes, that’s what I think we need to do.  Link our physical and spiritual nourishment together to improve our overall health.

 If we eat only junk food, which we know is not the best for us, do we also not pay much attention to what we consume for our spiritual growth?  It’s a pretty good question to ask yourself.  When I look back to the time that I was eating very poorly, I can now see that I wasn’t taking care of myself spiritually either.  Today,  I’ve got both in sync, along with positive mental growth, and I’m in the best overall shape I’ve ever been.

All this got me thinking, and I decided to begin inviting friends over to my house for simple vegetarian meals.  I wanted the food to be really good and easy to prepare.  I had my first sacred feast a few months ago, and all of the recipes can be viewed in the recipes section on the right.  Everyone loved the food, and it was a great experience for me. 

My goal now is to start having these dinners every month.  I’m encouraging you to try some of the recipes, and then host your own sacred feast.  So many people are looking to get healthy, not only physically but also spiritually.  I think hosting a sacred feast is a really cool  way to help those we love to take care of themselves a bit better. 

In the next week, look for a Sacred Feasts tab to the right.  I’m going to get some menu ideas posted, along with some new recipes for you to try out (I have to test them first!).

Thanks to everyone who continues to follow this blog.  It has taken a life of its own on, and I’m still learning.  For those who have subscribed and get the blog through email, I have a tip for you.  

When you open the email, click on the title of the blog entry (using today’s  for example, Sacred Feasts).  This will take you from the email to my actual blog, Making All Things New.  You’ll be able to see everything the way I’m intending it to be viewed, which I think will make it a more meaningful experience for you.

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