Here Be Dragons

According to legend, on certain ancient maps you can find the letters H.B.D. written at the edge of where the uncharted territory begins.  The story goes that the letters stand for “Here Be Dragons” and warn that there may be dangerous creatures in the unexplored and mysterious waters.

Maybe one of my studious nieces or nephews can find out if there really are maps with H.B.D. written on them. Until they do, I think the concept is fascinating, and it has relevance to many of the postings I’ve been doing lately.

Unexplored territory can be scary.   Anytime you move from an old way of doing things to a new way, it’s pretty easy to quickly become uncomfortable.   Going into this new territory, whether be changing a diet, developing an exercise regime, settling into a new job, or making some other change in your life, committing to unfamiliar practices can make you feel lost and unsure of yourself.  Sound familiar?

What can you do when you confront one of these dragons in the uncharted waters of your own life?  Many folks seek refuge in the harbor of their old habits.  Yes, going back to where you were might make you feel comfortable and may give you shelter and a sense of safety, but it could deny you the success you will experience if you stay on course.

The feedback and support you get from others can help you navigate this unfamiliar territory. When its all said and done, some adventurous sailors did venture out into those mysterious waters where they had never been been before.  Did they ever really encounter the dragons?  I think you know the answer.

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from boldly developing a new course for your life.  For some, this might only mean making small changes and easily achieved goals.  Good for you! For others, it might mean developing life-changing goals and objectives that won’t be easy to achieve. Not easy doesn’t mean  impossible, however.  I bet there will be a lot of people to cheer you on. I’ll be one of them 🙂

By seedthrower1

I'm passionate about helping people realize that God wants to make something new of them and bring about a permanent transformation in their lives: body, mind, and spirit.

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