In April of 2009, the 24th to be exact, I had one of those “Come To Jesus” Doctor’s meetings.  All my blood count numbers were out of whack, and I needed to make some changes.

It happens, I guess, to most people nowadays in our fast paced, fast food society.  But, this was me!   My doctor wanted to give me a bunch of pills, but I asked him if I could try it on my own for awhile.  He gave me four months, and then it was the pills.

Later that week, I visited the the Grotto at Mt. St. Mary’s.  That’s where I go when things have gone wrong and I need some Godly help.  It’s a great place to pray, and pray I did.  I left the grotto that day with some clarity as to what I needed to do: Prayer, Diet, and Exercise.    When I got home, I weighed myself, and I was at 245.  I began walking that very afternoon, and I was shocked at how out of shape I was.  How did this happen?  These kinds of difficult questions seem to always have complicated answers.  That certainly was the case with me.

Well, jumping ahead a few months, in late summer I remembered that several years ago, I made a 40 day fast.  I touched base with my doctor about it, and he said that the only way he would go along with it was if I took this product called daily bio basics.  He gave me a container of the powder, which you mix with juice. Daily Bio Basics is made my a company called Life Plus, and the produce is primarily freeze dried fruits and veggies.  Pure health! That stuff really sustained me during my fast, and now that I needed to get healthy again, I sought it out.

Find it I did, and now it has helped me achieve some terrific goals that I set for myself when this all started.

First, I would loose weight:  I went from 245 to 185 in eight months, primarily by changing my diet and walking every day for about 45 minutes.

Second, all my numbers are now nearly perfect.  No cholesterol issue, no blood sugar issue, no blood pressure issues, etc.  Everything had corrected itself, just by diet, exercise, and prayer.  And, I  want to say, Daily Bio Basics.   To learn more about Daily Bio Basics and what it can do for you to enhance your health, go to  You can also call them at 800-572-8446. If you like what you see/hear, please order through me. Use the referral code 2088649.

If you or someone you know was recently diagnosed with diabetes, or was told they are pre-diabetic, please take some time and visit the website of Dr. Neal Barnard.  You will be very glad you did.

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KC, When I did the fast, I wasn’t dealing with diabetes, so you’d have to check with your doctor about doing something like that. I believe that there is another product that I’ve seen written up in diabetic magazines called Almased. I don’t know anything about it, though.

As for my fast, I used Daily Bio Basics twice a day. Because it is so rich in fiber, I never found myself hungry.

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