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Welcome to my blog, Making All Things New. I’m really glad you’re here! Through your visits here, I hope you will come to realize that God has a plan for you, body, mind and spirit.

Amazing transformations are not only possible, they’re probable, if trust that God wants to making something new with you.

That’s what’s happened to me, and it can be the same for you!  My hope and prayer is that Making All Things New will be your roadmap to the transformation that’s waiting for you.  Enjoy!

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Paul…i havent seen you in a year…you look incredible. Its obvious that you have been working really hard. You’ve lost so much weight you look like a new person. Good job buddy.

Hi, I responded to your post and found your blog. What a great format. easy to read and nice to look at. I don’t know how to blog or anything else hardly.

Anyways, I did the first kickstart in March, lost weight, felt great, got active, but then this last month or two, started writing again and my food must have changed although I was still vegan. Anyhow, I weighed for the first time since march and I am exactly the samef as when I started 8 months ago. I truly don’t know what happened? now I’m kinda having a hard time. I do great all day. Then at night, I eat some vegan soycream or something. that seems to stop my weight loss completely. Last night it was cookies that I made with eggs for the kids. Not good.
I want to be healthy and this weight to be gone for good. Thanks for the post, it is very encouraging. kc

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