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A New Day Dawning

Tags: Blogging, Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

January 03, 2012 06:52

Back to the grind. I hope you enjoyed the long weekend, and that you're now ready to tackle the challenges ahead.My New Year's Day was off to a great start. I had a peaceful and prayerful morning, and later a good friend came over to talk about our hopes and goals for the year ahead.We had both established some pretty heavy-duty expectations, but at the same time we were excited to talk about...

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To New Beginnings

Tags: Blogging, Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Personal-development, Prayer

January 01, 2012 13:14

Happy New Year! I'm so grateful to have survived 2011, and am certainly ready to launch into 2012. How about You? That being said, 2011 was a great year for Making All Things New. I received a nice little year-end summary last night from the folks at WordPress, the blogging platform I use.Much to my amazement, this blog had hits from the following countries: United States, Canada, United...

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Te Deum 2011

Tags: Catholic-church, Inspiration, Prayer

December 31, 2011 15:10

Since the 4th Century, the Church has ended the year by praying the Te Deum, a great prayer of joy and thanksgiving. It's only fitting that, on this New Year's Eve, we take a moment to thank God for all He has done for us this past year, with eager anticipation of what lies ahead in 2012.

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Getting Ready for 2012, Part III

Tags: Blogging, Inspiration, Personal-development, Prayer

December 30, 2011 16:55

Today was the day my retreat was supposed to end. Although I had to come home early, I guess you could say that I've remained in retreat mode.There has been a lot to ponder about 2011. Lots of difficult situations, but also plenty of grace-filled moments. Overall, I'm ready to move on. How about you?

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Something To Ponder Today

Tags: Inspiration, Personal-development, Prayer

December 29, 2011 17:31

[youtube=]I was on-line earlier today, and caught a yahoo news blurb about the young man in this video. His name was Ben Breedlove, and he died on Christmas day from a congenital heart condition. I usually don't check the newsfeeds out, but I did on this one, and it's pretty powerful.As we transition from one year to the next, I think this video clip...

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The Feast of St. Stephen

Tags: Catholic-church, Inspiration, Prayer, Spirit

December 26, 2011 14:12

I hope you had a great Christmas :) In the Church's liturgical calendar, the Feast of St. Stephen, the first recognized Christian martyr, comes the day after Christmas.I don't know about you, but this has always struck me as a powerful statement. The anticipation in Advent gives way to the joy that comes with Christmas, only to give way to the realization that to be a follower of this newborn...

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In The Bleak Midwinter

Tags: Inspiration, Prayer

December 25, 2011 21:00

[youtube=]This is one of those songs that isn't high on most people's Christmas Carol playlist, but it's one of my favorites. Another one of those meditative, prayerful songs, it will be the last of my Christmas posts.

What can I give Him, poor as I am?

If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb,

If I were a Wise Man, I would do my part,

Yet what I can I...

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It's You Lord

Tags: Inspiration, Prayer, Spirit

December 25, 2011 07:54

[youtube=]Several years ago, I was introduced to the music of Jason Upton, a Christian musician who one day happened to be doing some recording in a studio next to one being used by my good friend George. The next time George and I got together, he told me how moved he had been by meeting this young man and listening to his music. Months later, George...

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Christmas and Kids

Tags: Inspiration, Prayer, Spirit

December 21, 2011 19:00

Last night, I taught my last fifth grade class until after New Year's. To say that the kids were wound up would be an understatement, that's for sure.At the same time, it was great to be with them, and hear about all the traditions their families have.One family always has a cheese souffleon Christmas morning. One has seafood on Christmas Eve. Another always travels to Michigan on Christmas...

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Those Christmas Mysteries

Tags: Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

December 20, 2011 21:15

Hold on. I'm not talking about the real Christmas mysteries, like the Virgin Birth, Joseph's dream, the Wise Men, The Star.No, I'm talking about the genre of mystery writing that revolves around some aspect of Christmas. I don't know about you, but I love a good mystery. I get this from my mom, who loves them more than I do. Over the years, I've found that they provide a great stress release...

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