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Living A Life Of Virtue

Tags: Catholic-church, Inspiration, Mind, Personal-development, Prayer

May 16, 2011 06:55

Last night, my men's group began to study ways we can live virtuously. As a society, we don't talk much about the virtues, which are basically the skills needed to live a moral life.In our culture today, we do a lot more talking about values than we do virtues. Although values can be a good thing, they are subjective and don't necessarily help us over the long haul. Our understanding of virtue...

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Life Happens To Everyone

Tags: Blogging, Body, Fitness, Inspiration, Mind, Nutrition, Personal-development

May 12, 2011 05:59

Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Todd Burrier of
I realize that because I blog on topics related to living a better life, and with a positive perspective, that I could easily be seen as someone who is either wearing rose-colored glasses all the time or just doesn’t have to deal with anything difficult.Nothing could be further from the truth. I admit that my glasses are...

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Ready To Seize The Day?

Tags: Inspiration, Personal-development, Prayer

May 05, 2011 09:55

The past couple of days have been tough. Lots going on, and some of it not so good. I decided earlier this morning that I needed a re-charge, and even though it was a bit cold, I sat on my patio for a while.I just wanted to sit there, coffee in hand, and think. Despite it being early, there was lots going on in my backyard. It looked like every type of bird was busy picking up nesting...

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Don't Let Temporary Setbacks Keep You Down

Tags: Fitness, Inspiration, Nutrition, Personal-development

May 03, 2011 06:25

It happens to everyone. We're going along fine, achieving our goals, fulfilling our commitments, and life is good. But then, an unexpected expense, an illness, a major disappointment,or some type of loss occurs, and we may get the impression that we're right back to square one. And if we are, so what?

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Public Speaking

Tags: Inspiration, Mind, Personal-development

April 27, 2011 22:39

Do you have a fear of public speaking? I'm amazed at how many people do, so don't be too hard on yourself if you're one of them. In fact, three-quarters of Americans rate speaking in public as the thing they're most fearful of. It even surpasses death.After reading Dale Carnegie's books, I realized that, although I'm not afraid to speak in public, I could do a much better job with it. I simply...

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