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Developing Routines

Tags: Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Nutritional-supplements, Personal-development, Prayer, Type-ii-diabetes

August 23, 2012 05:36

Over the last six months, I haven't been maintaining my eating and exercising routines that have helped me rectify some health issues. My weight has been creeping up, along with my blood sugar numbers.This hasn't happened all at once, but slowly, over time. I don't know about you, but it's easier not to think about it if changes happen over weeks and months versus hours and days.

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Fresh Starts

Tags: Catholic-church, Inspiration, Prayer

August 19, 2012 21:33

We started our Freshmen Retreat today in the little chapel to the left of this photo. Known as Little Baker Chapel, people have been praying here since the late 1800's, and today was our chance to continue the tradition.The place was packed as our new participants in Campus Ministry joined with their parents and a small group of student leaders who will be responsible for the retreat. I don't...

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Tags: Inspiration, Personal-development, Prayer

August 13, 2012 07:22

I hope your weekend was a good as mine. I got a lot done, visited with friends, went to a crab feast, and enjoyed the much cooler weather that has come our way.Yesterday, I had the chance to sit out on my patio for quite a while and catch up on my reading. It was great to be able to sit in my backyard for more than thirty minutes before being forced back into the air-conditioned coolness of the...

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The Feast of St. Ignatius- Free eBook Today Only

Tags: Catholic-church, Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

July 31, 2012 00:06

Today, July 31st, is the Feast of St. Ignatius. I've gotten to know this great saint over the last several years, and I've also come to understand that, even though he lived nearly 500 years ago, his teachings still have an impact on us today.Instead of a long post highlighting some key points of Ignatian Spirituality, I thought I'd just provide you with a link to Ignatian,...

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Happy Independence Day

Tags: Catholic-church, Inspiration, Prayer

July 04, 2012 10:17

Sorry for the delay in posting. I'm just about done with my first semester as a doctoral student, and am now in the midst of finishing my final three papers. I will be marking a second, more personal "independence day" when they are done :)

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31 Days With St. Ignatius

Tags: Blogging, Catholic-church, Ignatian-spirituality, Prayer

June 27, 2012 18:26

I'm really excited about something I learned earlier today. The folks at Loyola Press are getting ready to celebrate the Feast of St. Ignatius on July 31st, and they want us to join them.

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A Beautiful Morning

Tags: Gardening, Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

June 14, 2012 07:06

My dog Maggie hasn't been feeling too well lately, and she's been getting me up extra early. That's o.k. with me, especially because the sun is just coming up as I pour my first cup of coffee.Today is a beautiful morning. This little container garden is just outside my kitchen door. The sun rises right behind it, and over the years, it's become one of my favorite places to pray.I change the...

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Sufficient Grace

Tags: Catholic-church, Inspiration, Mind, Prayer

June 11, 2012 07:16

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working hard on a paper for my spirituality class.The paper is on St. Bonaventure'sunderstanding of grace, as presented in his document called the Breviloquium. The challenge of the paper is how to help people in 2012 understand the thought of this Medievalwriter, and make his beautiful understanding of grace come alive for them.

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Be Gentle With Yourself

Tags: Catholic-church, Inspiration, Prayer

May 15, 2012 06:32

It's been some time since I last quoted from the bookGrace In Every Season, written by Catherine Doherty. Sadly, this book is difficult to find now, but I recently found that you can still get it through Madonna House, the community that Doherty founded.

So often, many of us are hardest on ourselves.

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Another Year Done

Tags: Ignatian-spirituality, Inspiration, Prayer

May 08, 2012 11:23

The kids in my 5th grade class are going to be pretty happy that today is the last day of Religious Ed.From my perspective, we've had a great year, and I think they've learned a lot. Since I began teaching this group two years ago, the kids have really bonded and they support each other well. They also have a good rapport with me, and being with them on Tuesdays is one of the highlights of my...

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