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Tomato and Bulgur Soup

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegan, Vegetarian

February 12, 2011 07:33

Forgive me for having two back to back tomato soup recipes. The snowy cold weather has been hanging around my neck of the woods, and any kind of tomato soup always seems to pull me out of the winter blues. I want SPRING :)Actually, I was also looking to use up my store of bulgur wheat that I purchased for my Lentil Chili recipe. Bulgur wheat is a whole grain. The kind I use from Bob's Red Mill...

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Tomato and Bread Soup

Tags: Inspiration, Italy, Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegan, Vegetarian

February 05, 2011 06:32

I was visiting with a family the other day, and all the kids were home because school had been cancelled. When my friend asked them what they wanted for lunch, they asked for "red" soup. Interesting. I realized that, since the mom and dad don't like tomatoes, they must not use thatname with their kids. It brought a smile to my face. What kid doesn't like a bowl of tomato soup, served up with a...

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Potato and Leek Soup

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegan, Vegetarian

January 29, 2011 07:54

Since it looks like its cold just about everywhere, I know we're all looking for some comfort food. Most recipes for Potato and Leek soup include heavy cream, chicken broth and butter as ingredients. One recipe I found online included a full pound of bacon. Oh my...In my desire for something more healthy, I wanted to lighten things up. Give this easy and filling recipe a try.

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Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegan, Vegetarian

January 22, 2011 05:55

Anyone who loves soup knows that there are thousands of versions of Minestrone. Loaded with flavor, it's a simple soup to prepare. This version is adapted from one found in Twelve Months of Monastery Soups by Brother Victor Latourrette. He and his brother monks live at Our Lady of the Resurrection Monastery in New York.

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Lentil Chili

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

January 15, 2011 14:43

I knew I was going to be hungry when I returned from today's first session of my ten week Fitness Challenge at the Y. Although it was a bit disorganized, all 36 of us got our marching orders for the weeks to come. It's going to be fun :)

I wanted something different, and I came upon a recipe for Lentil Chili. Wow, two of my favorites, together for the first time :)

Making chili using lentils,...

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Black Bean Soup

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Uncategorized, Vegan, Vegetarian

January 08, 2011 06:39

This post is the first of what will be a weekly series entitled Soup on Saturday. Every Saturday, I'm going to post a soup/stew/chili recipe for you to try out.Since it's snowing here today, I was looking for something hearty. If you use this recipe, please post a comment and let us know how it turned out. Enjoy!

Black Bean Soup

1 cup dried black beans, soaked overnight in cold water

1 1/2 tb...

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Mushroom Soup

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Vegetarian

December 26, 2010 11:18

If you're lucky enough to have a few days off this week, try this recipe out. I made it for some friends on Christmas Eve, and everyone loved it. Being the cautious type, and since I had never made this recipe before, I made the soup the day before. Given the complexity of flavors, I'd encourage you to do the same.

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Oh My

Tags: Diabetes, Inspiration, Travel, Type-ii-diabetes, Vegetarian

December 22, 2010 21:16

It's always fun to visit a new place. I really enjoyed my time in Mississippi, although I only saw a small portion of the state. One thing struck me during my brief time there, however and it involves food. Mississippi has the highest obesity rate in the country, with over 33% of the population considered obese.Those who read this blog on a regular basis know that where there's obesity, Type...

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Lentils with Wine Glazed Vegetables

Tags: Italy, Main-course, Soups-and-stews, Type-ii-diabetes, Vegetarian

December 18, 2010 20:19

This recipe is one of the first I posted on my blog, and it quickly became a favorite. I'm making some changes to the look and feel of my site, so I'm re-posting some older recipes in a single format, rather than all the recipes together in a running list. It will make it much easier to find recipes and other posts in the future.So, why lentils? First off, they've become a great staple in my...

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Easy Chili

Tags: Main-course, Soup-on-saturday, Soups-and-stews, Type-ii-diabetes, Vegan, Vegetarian

December 10, 2010 14:50

I raced home from the gym the other day and I was starving. I was craving a bowl of chili, and remembered that I had all the ingredients waiting in my kitchen.Since the summer, I've been stocking my pantry with lots of canned goods, and I pick them up whenever they're on sale. Be sure to get no salt added items whenever possible.I also have an assortment of dried beans, but they take an...

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