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Thank you, Mr. Albright

Tags: Spirit, Travel

May 03, 2010 14:24

Stephen Mather, they laid out the foundations of our National Park system. Together, these men sought out pristine areas of our country that were worth saving for future generations. What's a bit hard to believe is that all the land for our National Parks up to the 1940's was donated by private citizens. This photo of me, my brother Don, and sister Jody, standing in front of the Grand Tetons,...

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The Butterfly Effect

Tags: Ignatian-spirituality, Mind, Spirit, Travel

May 02, 2010 15:54

Do you remember these little stores in the malls named Successories? They were always tucked away in some corner, and they offered inspirational gifts, which were really popular in the 90's. Well, Successoriesbit the dust some time back, only remerge as Simple Truths. Only available on line, they offer the same kind of material. Somehow I got on their email list, and out of sheer boredom one...

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St. Catherine of Siena

Tags: Catholic-church, Ignatian-spirituality, Italy, Mind, Spirit, Travel

April 29, 2010 12:02

The Road To Sienawritten by Edmund Gardener. I'll leave it to you to find out more about Catherine. I just wanted to bring her up because, as I learned through reading this biography, she was one tough person who rose above the difficulties of her time and became a shining example of holiness.Sometimes, actually, I think most of the time, every generation thinks that they have it worse than...

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Ah, Tuscany Pt. I

Tags: Italy, Travel

April 09, 2010 06:54

Frances Mayes is out with a new book entitled Every Day in Tuscany. Mayes is the author of several books about life in Italy, and she is one of my favorite authors. I'm about half way through this latest memoir, and so far, it hasn't disappointed.Her writing style is such that she draws you into the story, the experiences, and its as if you get to meet the people, share the food, drink the...

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